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tv   [untitled]    September 6, 2013 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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week madam clerk please call the role >> (calling names) mr. president, you have a quorum. >> thank you supervisor yee has asked for a motion to be excused. without objection he'll be excused and ladies and gentlemen, let's join in the pledge of allegiance. of the united states of america
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and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. colleagues we have a number of board meeting minutes to approve from the june 21st, june 27th, special meetings of budget and finance meeting the june recess meeting as well as the july 9, '23 and the 9 board of minutes. without objection those meeting minutes are approved. mr. president, has the members of the board of supervisors on august 22, 2013, correspondence was received from mark farrell communicating the local energy pursuant to section 31 hundred and the mayor is to declare a
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local emergency and this matter will be for your consideration and that includes any communication >> items one through 3 those items are considered routine if a member would like an item removed he or she may. >> item 3. on balance of the matter could you call the role
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(calling names) there are 8 i's >> those items with finally passed item 3. item 3 is an ordinance amendment chapter 59 to establish a healthy food retailer incentive program to help with the healthy food retailers >> supervisor mar. colleagues i want to thank many different people especially jane kim for being the co- sponsor of this i think historic ordinance that will make our corner stores more homeopathy and david chu and supervisor campos. this will create and oversee an assistance program for convenience store act a.k.a.
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fresh foods. it will help reduce tobacco and alcohol for focus. this will be for grassroots food assess and food guardians from the bay area and also the tenderloin corner store coalition and the tenant leaders in supervisor jane's district interest it those organization are supporting others in addition to help promote healthy eating. i wanted to shout you tell if t n d c and the vietnamese justice center for examining this effort. i look forward to seeing a day
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when all san franciscans can have access to affordable healthy food. thank you. thank you supervisor mar. with that madam clerk, please call the roll (calling names) there are 10 i's >> the ordinance is passed. why don't we move to our roll call >> supervisor you are first to nouns items. week it's good to see you hope
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you have had a nice holiday. i'd like to begin by talking about an item that i am co- sponsoring with supervisor wiener and i want to thank supervisor wiener and that's a hearing request that specifically calls on looking at san francisco priced fiscal and ignorance shortcomings as outlined in a 2010 from the office of the controller. we want to know the steps including the shortcomings that were raised and how pride is doing. pride as i know st. is one of the largest and well known pride frontals, in fact, last hundreds of thousands of people attended
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pride in san francisco and celebrated the supreme courts rules on same-sex marriage. the mix of the lgbt pride celebration committee is to educate the world and complimentary the culture. i think it's important 44 for us here in city government it s to have a good working relationship with that organization. going back to 2010 when i was relating a new member of the board there were some issues of the performance of pride and a pride came to me and supervisor to ask for the city's help. we certainly have noted we wanted to help by in order for us as a city to know how to help pride it was important for us to have an understanding of how pride was performing.
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i want to thank ben the controller and his staff because at his request they performed a fiscal and ignorance audit it looked at pride as an o. at the time, many of the issues that ever found included there was a deficit of $225,000. there was issues of the ignorance including the roles that the members plated in terms of the funds raised. another item that was identified in the report was inconsistent methodology and out-of-date when it came to contracts and agreements. many of the agreements that pride had with its vendors were oral agreements and nothing outlined what was expected of the pride and vendor.
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we want to know how well pride has done in terms of adding the issues. it's been almost 3 years civilians that report came out and it's important to insure the viability of the organization and it's a appropriate time to have a hearing to discuss how the addition is doing. the second item i have is a hearing request that i'm introducing on the a type of task force. as i know the task force recently released it's recommendations to insure the population living with hiv and aids into a boarder system of care to become available because of the implementation of the
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affordable care act. we as a a state and a country are getting ready to finalize the implementation. it's important for us to understand how the hiv and aids population will be impacted. i'm requesting this be heard at the safety committee. the last item i have is a sad item it's in memorial for a very special person. i actually think that many of my colleagues in this room take the opportunity to see him in person and that is jose. and jose the absolute widow that
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passed away a few days back and it goes without saying that jose was a hero an icon in the lgbt community. he has in a throughout his life come to represent the very best of the lgbt community but the very best of san francisco. so a little bit about him he was a veteran who performed at the black cafe. he was a co-founder of several lgbt organizations including the society for individual rights, sir as well as the lead for civil education. we know him more recently because of the fact he was essentially the founder of the external court and a to this day
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you can see the impact he's had because of the important really that the court plays in the life of the lgbt community he was born in 1922 in san francisco. that he enlisted in the army and stayed in berlin where i was active in that is right and returned to san francisco in 1947 hoping to be a teacher but was arrested on immoral charges and involving something that supposedly happened at the st. francis hotel. he was fined and not allowed to become a teacher. he became to work and perform at the black cat until it closed in 1963. he's most commonly sighed for being the first openly
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commitment to hold a seat in 1961. 1961 when just a mere act is acknowledging that you were gay was a defiant actress. at the time the local democratic party iowa was so afraid that jose what win a seat that they found a dozen commitments to run against him to make sure he didn't win. he borrowed a suit and ran under the watchword equality even though he came in 89 out of a field of thirty candidates not
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even a dog catcher after that time didn't go and talk to the gay community. heather - i'm gay and i'm proud that a gay man placed that role. he proclaimed himself a widower and called the court of san francisco it became the international chiropractor system that elections its own yes, ma'am price and interior in new mexico. and with respect to josie ask we
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adjourn the meeting in honor of jose and i also ask on behalf of the entire board of supervisors. one of the things i'm as a very special thing for me as a gay supervisor is that we were able to honor jose in this room and that when we came in here he said we were sorry the way the city treated you and i ask we adjourn the meeting on the entire board of supervisors. the next is the resolution co- sponsored by president chiu as the action grant program in delaying september 4th as deferred action. childhood arrivals here in san francisco. of course, the childhood arrivals program was implemented
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last year that honors immigrants who were brought to the united states by the parents. and as one of the children i know how for this is and so is it makes it clear we as a city recognize the importance of this important act and people be aware they been participate so with that the rest i submit >> thank you supervisor campos. >> first of all, colleagues if we could generous this meeting with joe's memory. i understand that supervisor wiener will be honoring the life of jose and i'm happy to be a co- sponsor of that in addition to his encourage as a vet in the modern lgbt society justice
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movements and in addition to him breaking barriers for so many communities. he also was a leader and an icon in district 3 every sunday afternoon from 15 years to full hours of 152 hundred and 50 people he performed agency madam butterfly and conditioned to entertain and bring much joy to the communities to our entire city and a country. i too have a memorial for another individual who has been b an incredible icon within the african-american community someone whose name we know was
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ruth. she was someone who was not only a talented syrup it is your. he this included a japanese skufrltd in world war ii. she learned her artery and founded the school of arts and i was proud to be part of that. to help advance arts education for our public high school students. ruth served on the arts commission in our city. we're truly diminished by her loss and her spirit will live
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on. i want to take a moment and read there was a beautiful memorial that was held for her and at the memorial one of our art educators gave a beautiful comment. the memory of our ruth is very real it's suspended like the due drops she watched in the gardens. it hangs low in the greatness of san francisco fog that convinced the city. the journey is never easy it involves disappointments. the hero encounters take care forgiving obstacles. are you talking about face them all one-on-one and she kept moving. she reached her goal with
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embrace like a stone falling through water. she lived her life her own way and there is comfort in her, she did it all in art to raising a loving family and there's a lot of joy and celebration. ruth loved life. as this day we've done we take on the mantel as it she passed as we all must. i'd like to ask colleagues we adjourn in hear memory and take a moment to recognize supervisors mary >> i want to thank two of ruth's children for being here in addition to our artistic director. i believe that susan and others
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go choose a great memorial in our park and i wanted to read the parts that had a big impact on me. it's so great to see those young people with some enthusiasm and the lines their voices were so heavenly as well, they sang we're neither pure or good we'll build our houses and chop our wood and make our garden grow. and thank you to the family for making san francisco's garden grow >> thank you supervisor kim. >> thank you and i also want to pay my condolences to the ruth family. i was honored to be part of the
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bs'ing i believe she was the first african-american and to recognize her long time legacy. her legacy is incredible i'm glad we'll honor her life for a long time coming. i have two hearing requests i'd like to introduce. the first is the hearing request on the impact of the rapid rise of rent and the terminating of nonprofit organizations. as we know nonprofits are the quality of life in san francisco they provided services and prospective's for global policy to advocate for social justice. they play an important role by
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providing jobs to thousands of san franciscans and a couple of of weeks ago i met with the nonprofits and they're concerned about sky r0k9 rent they're driving nonprofits out of the area. while i've been a vocal advocate i want to make sure we preserve our assets. that is important to help our city. most nonprofits are currently renting at the far below the market rates. in fact, the nonprofit kept the presence in our neighborhood
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throughout the tenderloin and south of market area. now we're seeing that the affordability of those are at risk and perhaps include enclosures. that many provided sponsor sheriff's department. those agencies form an integral part of our city. and if the city does nothing to address those we restrict our arts and seniors are homeless and folks with ideologies. the booming development is bring for workers into the city's increasing this inside for society services, however, the need for more development is not considered. we started this under william i
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didn't brown's midsts. when the economy tanked i want to bring that up again. we have to implore the rising rent short-term and long-term solutions need to be talked about. we want to offer below rent rates and nonprofit surplus community and impact fees were all on the table 10 years ago. i'm q's requesting that we gather current data and call for the land use committee in order to hear about the impact on their organizations and services. i'm making a hearing request on
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the future for police investigations regarding cyclist accidents. as you know, we've had a tragic death on the corner i live. when we had a truck driver hit and kill 24-year-old kinds of the in one of our intersections on market. all 3 were hit by trucks and we want to insure and this is not a fingerpointing we merely want to have a discussion about how you we do investigations and make sure there's a process in place that we excelsior that is expensive and certainly addresses a lot of our victims and i submit the rest and a thank you and a few moments ago i read a couple of lines from
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the can deed but i read that because it was so perfect that the states from the school arts see this because ruth helped the garden in the district grow. as she was working with the air force rad subject she spread to other districts and our gardeners were two people that were inspired. i was there with the architects and many others last week and i think ruth's example of growing beauty is amazing. when joel was - when i was on the school board i was introduced to the family and her husband and i remember going to the house and seeing so much of
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how art was integrated into her lives and the grandchildren and i also want to say in any district, district one we have the beautiful young tower baskets. in japan town when my daughter and i go to hallow la lessons we see the great sculptures in buchanan no one mall. my daughter had a chance to learn from a member of the family as well speaker i wanted to say that our arts education master plan that they examined is about irregularities equality in the school district. i'm proud that the school board introduced me to the family but
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thank you so much. i also wanted to say today that i wanted to say goodbye for to a great advocate for transit and street safety mark carcinoma well, who is entering a new venture in his life moving to southern california. but he's leaving a tremendous legacy in san francisco as he begins a new chapter of his advocacy in los angeles. the best process come from the ground up when residents can advocate for street safety they want to see. as the resident of district one i think he lives in supervisor reed's district but he's already
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been on the looking for seniors or bicyclists as well and he would always tweet whatever accidents he saw out his window. i got a lot of them. especially on masonic and i want to thank mark for catching collisions and near collisions and injuries that the police reports don't even show. and his leadership of fixed masonic was critical i think to a successful passage her at the board of supervisors and the transportation authority. he teamed up with safety and mark farrell has been actually but they worked with my office and the police department to build a solution


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